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    908795—Brian D. Seifer vs. Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office, et al.

    Patrisha Parker, whose last known place of residence is 34455 Park East Drive, #104, Solon, Ohio 44139, will take notice that on December 24, 2018, the undersigned, Brian D. Seifer, filed his Application for Order to Issue Certificate of Title in the Court of Common Pleas, 1200 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113, of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, I hereby respectfully make application for the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Department to issue a Certificate of Title to me for the described vehicle, a 1974 Chevrolet Nova.

    The defendant named above is required to answer on or before the 31st day of March, 2020.


    By Brian D. Seifer, P.P.

    Jan28Feb4-11-18-25Mar3, 2020

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