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    944514—IN RE: $250,430.00 U.S. Currency & 2007 Infiniti FX35 VIN# JNRAS08U77X101768.

    Manual Abraham Cazares Espinoza, whose last known place of residence is 1708 Bunker Hill Lane, Apt. #172, Lewisville, Texas 75056, otherwise whose place of residence is unknown, will take notice that on February 26, 2021, the undersigned, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Civil Division, filed its complaint in the Court of Common Pleas, 1200 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44113, of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, alleging that this Complaint is an action for forfeiture of property that is contraband involved in an offense, proceeds derived from or acquired through the commission of an offense, and/or mobile instrumentality that was used in or intended to be used in the commission or facilitation of any act that could be prosecuted as a felony criminal offense.

    The property sought to be forfeited in this case is $250,430.00 U.S. currency and a 2007 Infiniti FX35 VIN# JNRAS08U77X101768 ("Infiniti") lawfully seized with probable cause as proceeds and mobile instrumentality by Cleveland High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area ("HIDTA") task force officers on November 11, 2020.

    Wherefore, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office requests this Court to order that the property at issue are the proceeds of an act that could be prosecuted as a felony criminal offense or that property was used as instrumentality to facilitate an act that could be prosecuted as a felony drug offense, and that the property to be forfeited pursuant to R.C. 2981.05 and be disposed of pursuant to R.C. 2981.13.

    Alternatively, the Petitioner seeks an order of this Court that the property at issue is unclaimed and therefore subject to disposition pursuant to R.C. 2981.12. In addition, those persons making a claim for the property have lost any right to the possession and ownership of the property because the property was the subject of an offense and those claiming the property are conspirators, accomplices, or offenders with respect to the offense, or because in light of the nature of the property or circumstances of the claimants, it is unlawful for those persons to acquire or possess the property.

    The defendant named above is required to answer on or before the 15th day of September, 2021.

    Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office, Civil Division.

    By Michael C. O'Malley, Prosecuting Attorney of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Matthew D. Greenwell, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Attorneys for Plaintiff.

    Jul14-21-28Aug4-11-18, 2021

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