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    939945—Akron Auto Auction, Inc. vs. Charles White, et al.

    Sherman Acquisition, LP, Assignee of Sears Roebuck and Co., will take notice that Akron Auto Auction, Inc. filed its Complaint on November 4, 2020 in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, seeking to foreclose on five properties, to wit: (1) 13820 Cranwood Park Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44125 (PPN 546-12-010); (2) 11301 Nelson Ave., Cleveland, OH 44105 (PPN: 136-06-115); (3) 4513 Martin Luther King Blvd., Garfield Heights, OH 44105 (PPN: 546-34-035); (4) 17611 Walden Ave., Cleveland, OH 44128 (PPN: 140-11-108); and (5) 23 Whitaker Court, Bedford, OH 44146 (PPN: 812-14-023).

    Sherman Acquisition, LP, Assignee of Sears Roebuck and Co. may claim an interest in the five parcels by virtue of a Judgment Lien filed 11/4/2016.

    The defendant named above is required to answer on or before the 2nd day of December, 2021.


    By Alex J. McCallion, Esq. (330) 253-5060/Fax: (330) 253-1977. ajmccallion@bmdllc.com, Attorney for Akron Auto Auction, Inc.

    Sep30Oct7-14-21-28Nov4, 2021

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