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    D-377311—Maurice D. Smith vs. Belinda Southall.

    Belinda Southall, whose last known place of residence is 19408 Shawnee Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44119, otherwise whose place of residence is unknown, will take notice that on June 24, 2019, the undersigned, Maurice D. Smith, filed his complaint against her in the Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division, 1 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44113, of Cuyahoga County, Ohio praying for a divorce, ownership of real property and other relief on the grounds that he a defendant have lived separate and apart without interruption and without cohabitation for at least one year.

    The defendant named above is required to answer on or before the 12th day of Separate, 2019.


    By Maurice D. Smith, P.P.

    Jul11-18-25Aug1-8-15, 2019

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