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    The Brennan Family Charitable Trust was established in 1995 by James R. and Margaret M. Brennan. The purpose of the trust is for higher education, projects related to youth activities and Catholic religious organizations.

    We wish to inform you the grants are made to qualified organizations under the Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(C)(3), the charitable trust does not make grants or loans to individuals.

    The following information is required when submitting a grant proposal:

    name and address of organization

    purpose of organization

    purpose of funds requested

    date funds are desired

    copy of IRS tax determination letter 501(C)(3).

    Grant proposals are reviewed during the month of October.

    The Brennan Family Charitable Trust does not compile an annual report.

    Requests can be mailed to:

    123 Noren Road

    Iron River, MI 49935

    Feb20, 2020

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