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    CASE NO. 19-020—ALABAMA POWER COMPANY, a corporation, Plaintiff, v. MARJORIE TATE, an individual; ADAM HAKIM, an individual; MUSA HAKIM, an individual; TAHIRA HAKIM, an individual; HASSAN HAKIM, an individual; BAIYINA HAKIM LITTLEJOHN, an individual; BARRETT BROOKS, JR., an individual; DARRYL HAMMOCK, an individual; LAMAR HAMMOCK, an individual; AHRI MANNING, an individual; CHRISTOPHER ADKINS, an individual; ELIZABETH CARTER BROOKS, an individual; UNKNOWN HEIRS OR DEVISEES OF WILLIE MAE HARDEN, DECEASED; UNKNOWN HEIRS, IF ANY, OF ANNIE MARY PEW, DECEASED; UNKNOWN HEIRS OF ANNIE MICKEY, DECEASED, an individual; KENNETH ROBINSON, an individual; WASHINGTON L. HARDEN, JR, an individual; SHIRLEY A. SANDERFER, an individual; BRENDA G. HARDEN, an individual and KATHY EVANS, as Revenue Commissioner, Defendants.


    TO:Defendant Kenneth RobinsonYou are hereby notified that Alabama Power Company, a corporation, has filed its written complaint in this Court seeking to condemn and to acquire the lands, rights, and interests therein described and being described as follows:

    Parcel 2

    Defendants Unknown Heirs of Annie Mickey, deceased, Kenneth Robinson, and Kathy Evans, as Revenue Commissioner, have, may have, or claim an interest in certain land located in Autauga County, Alabama (hereinafter, "Parcel 2"), as shown by the attached parcel map, and described in that certain Warranty Deed from D. L. Yarbrough , Louise Yarbrough, Dayton Rawlinson, and Thelma Rawlinson to Annie Mickey dated May 22, 1957, and recorded at Book 104, Page 239 in the Office of the Judge of Probate of Autauga County, Alabama, which said land is also identified as Tax Parcel No. 19-03-05-4-002-007.000.

    Parcel 2 is located adjacent to Plaintiff's right-of-way, which is described as follows

    A strip of land, 40 feet in width, lying within the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE 1/4 of the SE 1/4) and the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4) of Section 05, Township 17 North, Range 16 East, Autauga County, Alabama, such strip being more particularly described as follows:

    To reach the point of beginning of said strip, commence at the Southwest corner of Section 33, Township 18 North, Range 16 East, marked by a found 1 1/4 " open top pipe; thence S24 deg.14'10"W a distance of 2902.87 feet to a point; thence turn a deflection angle to the left and run N89 deg.06'29"E a distance of 440.04 feet to a point; thence turn a deflection angle to the right of 180 deg.00'00", (the Northeast corner of Parcel 2 lies 39 feet left (south), more or less, from such point), such point being the Point of Beginning of a survey line used to describe said strip of right-of-way herein described; therefrom, said strip is 40 feet in width and lies 15 feet right (north) of said survey line and 25 feet left (south) of said survey line, and the continuations thereof, which begins at such point of beginning and runs S89 deg.06'29"W a distance of 50 feet, more or less, to a point (the Northwest corner of Parcel 2 lies 38 feet left (south), more or less, from such point), such point also being the Point of Ending of said Right of Way herein described.

    All bearings based on Alabama State Plane West Zone Grid North NAD '83 (2011).

    Plaintiff seeks to acquire such timber located on Parcel 2 and outside of Plaintiff's aforementioned right-of-way which in falling would come within five (5) feet of the electrical conductors of Plaintiff located on Plaintiff's aforementioned right-of-way or on adjacent public road right-of-way.

    The hearing on said complaint has been set by this Court for June 18, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. You may respond by answer but you are not required to do so unless you challenge the right to condemn or question or dispute the area to be acquired or to remain. Notice of said complaint and of the day so appointed for the hearing thereof is hereby given you.

    Witness my hand this 30th day of April, 2019.

    R>Kimberly G. KerwinR>

    R>Judge of the Autauga County Probate Court.R>

    May3-10-17-24, 2019

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