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  • EGAL NOTICEPortfolio of 2 Assets For Sale

    Portfolio Price: $145,750

    4130 Bradley Rd. and 4150 Bradley Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44109 are for sale by Mark E. Dottore, Receiver for Enterprise Trucking & Machinery Co. (See, Trustees of the Building Laborers Local 310 Pension Fund, et. al., v. 21st Century Concrete Construction, Inc. United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio, Case No. 1:19-cv-764, Judge Christopher A. Boyko). A Buyer has offered $132,500. To outbid the current Buyer, an interested party must bid at least $145,750 on the same or better terms. Other terms and conditions of the transaction can be obtained by calling or emailing the attorney for the Receiver, Mary K. Whitmer, 2344 Canal Rd., Cleveland, OH 44113, 216.771.5056, <a href="mailto:mkw@WEadvocate.net">mkw@WEadvocate.net.

    Mar7, 2020

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