Daily Legal News - Probate Court Notices : 2018 ADV 238159 Jay C. Marcie, Esq.


    2018 ADV 238159—Jay C. Marcie, Esq. vs. Elia Villegas Diaz, et al.

    Elia, Villegas Diaz, Mario Rojas, Julio H. Rojas, Mila Rojas DeCaro, Celinda Rojas and Irene Rojas, the place of residence of each being unknown, will take notice that on October 11, 2018, the undersigned, Jay C. Marcie, Esq., filed his complaint to appoint successor trustee in the Probate Court One Lakeside Avenue, N.W., of Cuyahoga County, Ohio,that all of the parties to be served are relatives of Cesar H. Rojas (mother and siblings), It is believed they all reside in Peru. Until a Trustee of Dr. Rojas' Trust is appointed and a search firm is obtained, the Defendants' addresses cannot, with reasonable diligence, be ascertained.

    Cesar H. Rojas is the Settlor/Trustee and beneficiary during his lifetime of the Cesar H. Rojas Revocable Living Trust dated October 10, 2001 (the "Trust").

    Cesar H. Rojas passed away on November 13, 2017.

    Richard S. Millgan, the first Successor Trustee of the Trust has executed a letter dated May 7, 2018, declining to serve as Trustee of the Trust.

    William Fanos, on behalf of Key Bank, the alternate Successor Trustee, has executed a letter declining to serve as Trustee dated May 7, 2018.

    Plaintiff, Jay C. Marcie, is hereby requesting this Court, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 5807.04(D)(4) to appoint a new Successor Trustee.

    Wherefore, Plaintiff, Jay C. Marcie, hereby requests this Court to appoint an acting Successor Trustee to Cesar H. Rojas Revocable Living Trust dated October 10, 2001 with all the duties and powers granted thereunder.

    The defendants named above are required to answer on or before the 4th day of January, 2019.


    By Jay C. Marcie, Attorney for Plaintiff.

    Nov2-9-16-23-30Dec7, 2018

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