Daily Legal News - Probate Court Notices : 2019 ADV 243877 Raymond A. Salco, Executor of the Estate of Daniel E. Schuster


    2019 ADV 243877—Raymond A. Salco, Executor of the Estate of Daniel E. Schuster vs. Case Western Reserve University, et al.

    The following defendants are either non-residents or their names or places of residence are unknown: Society of Automotive Engineers, Albert Ludwig, Larry Schuster, Wayne Schuster, Randy Schuster, Daryl Schuster, Bill Royce, Carole Strekely, Vicki Strekely, Cameron Schuster, Tamara Rassmussen, Ruthann Akers, Stanley D. Rosen, William Bennett, David Bennett, Laura Jensen, Claudette Pelouch, Margie Tomasek, Robert T. Soond, Unknown Heirs of Barbara Madea, Unknown Heirs of Grace Schuster, Unknown Heirs of Gertrude Royce, Unknown Heirs of Henry Schuster, Unknown Heirs of Barton Schuster aka Barten Schuster, Unknown Heirs of Dorothy Strekely, Unknown Heirs of Thomas Schuster, Unknown Heirs of Carol Bubonic, Unknown Heirs of Edward Kilburg, Unknown Heirs of James Pelough and Unknown Heirs of Robert T. Tomasek, will take notice that on May 30, 2019, the undersigned, Raymond A. Salco, Executor of the Estate of Daniel E. Schuster, filed his complaint in the Probate Court One Lakeside Avenue, N.W., of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, alleging that that on or about February 7, 2008, the Decedent, Daniel E. Schuster, executed a will, which will was admitted to probate by this Court on October 3, 2018; that Item III of the will provides that if any beneficiary, aside from several specified ones, should predecease Daniel E. Schuster, "leaving heirs, said heirs shall take the share of said beneficiary as if said beneficiary had survived me"; that some of these individual beneficiaries who predeceased Daniel E. Schuster has surviving spouses and others were only survived by their own lineal descendants; that the Fiduciary submits that the intent of Daniel E. Schuster was that the term "heir" as used in Item III of the will, would include those individuals who would take from the predeceased beneficiaries named in Item II of the will; that as a result, there would be individuals entitled to receive distributions from the Estate of Daniel E. Schuster, which individuals are not specifically named in Daniel E. Schuster's will.

    Wherefore, the Fiduciary requests that this Court make a determination of the heirs and distributees of Daniel E. Schuster or of the devisees not named in the will and their respective interests in the estate.

    The defendants named above are required to answer on or before the 28th day of August, 2019.

    Raymond A. Salco, Executor of the Estate of Daniel E. Schuster.

    By Michelle Ann Yanok, Attorney for Plaintiff.

    Jun26Jul3-10-17-24-31, 2019

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