Daily Legal News - Probate Court Notices : 2020 ADV 254593 Lida Crawford


    2020 ADV 254593—Lida Crawford vs. Sydney Williams, et al.

    Daniel Cox, whose last known place of residence and present place of residence are unknown, will take notice that on September 16, 2020 the undersigned, Lida Crawford, filed her complaint in the Probate Court One Lakeside Avenue, N.W., of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, alleging now comes Plaintiff Lida Crawford, by and through undersigned counsel, and respectfully submits as follows for her Complaint for Accounting against Sydney O. Williams as purported agent under POA for Mary O. Butcher, against Sydney O. Williams as Successor Trustee under Mary O. Butcher Trust dated August 7, 2002, as subsequently amended and against Sydney O. Williams.

    Wherefore, Plaintiff respectfully demands the following relief:

    1. This Honorable Court issue an Order requiring Defendant Sydney Williams, individually, as Agent under any and all Powers of Attorney, and as Trustee under all Trusts, established by the late Mary O. Butcher, to provide all documents required by O.R.C. 1337 et seq., O.R.C. 5808.13 et seq., to Plaintiff.

    2. Compensatory damages

    3. Punitive damages

    4. Attorney Fees

    5. Pre-judgment interest

    6. Post-judgment interest at the statutory rate

    7. Court Costs

    8. All other relief this Honorable Court finds fair, just and equitable.

    The defendant named above is required to answer on or before the 15th day of October, 2021.

    Lida Crawford

    By Bradley Hull, IV, Esq., Attorney for Plaintiff.

    Aug13-20-27Sep3-10-17, 2021

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