Sheriff's Sales - Foreclosures

  • Sale No. 031


    (Case No. 895910 Alias)

    The State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County, ss. Pursuant to the command of and order of sale issued from the Court of Common Pleas of said county, and to me directed, in the action of

    Deutshe Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee on Behalf of the Holders of the J.P. Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Trust 2007-CH3, Asset Backed Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-CH3, plaintiff vs. Unknown Heirs at Law, Devisees, Legatees, Executors, and Administrators of the Estate of Orlando Williams, Deceased, et al., defendants,

    The Sheriff of Cuyahoga County shall offer for sale at public auction, in the Auditorium of the Cuyahoga County Justice Center, 1215 West Third Street, in the City of Cleveland, County of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, on

    Monday, the 7th day of October,

    2019, beginning at 9:00 o’clock A.M. of said day. The below premises cannot be sold for less than two-thirds of the appraised value at the first offering. If this offering does not sell, it shall again be offered for sale, in accordance with the provisions of Ohio law and all Court orders, at the same time and at the same place, on

    Monday, the 21st day of October,

    2019, the following described lands and tenements to wit:

    Permanent Parcel No. 704-03-071

    For a full copy of the legal description of this property, please contact the Cuyahoga County Recorder’s Department or visit


    The above described property is further known as a single frame dwelling with garage, located at 1474 Maple Grove Road, in the City of South Euclid, Ohio.

    Per O.R.C. 2329.211, the required deposit shall be based on the appraised value and is required at the time the bid is accepted. Said deposit shall be CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK, payable to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff.

    The FULL purchase price shall be paid to the Sheriff within THIRTY (30) days from the date of confirmation of sale, and unless paid within eight (8) days from the date of sale shall bear interest at the rate of ten per cent (10%) per annum until paid, and on failure to do so, the purchaser shall be adjudged in contempt of court.

    The purchaser shall be responsible for those costs, allowances, and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover.

    Please note: This appraisal is based on an exterior viewing of property only, unless otherwise noted.

    RESIDENTIAL Property

    Appraised value: $50,000.00

    Minimum Bid: $33,334.00

    Deposit required: $5,000.00

    The Sheriff of Cuyahoga County.

    Robert R. Hoose, Attorney.

    Sep14-21-28, 2019

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