Your information and the public record.

- Daily Legal News - August 26, 2014

The information listed on this website and in the printed version of our publication is the result of the publication of legal information in the public record. Unless the information is factually incorrect we are unable to remove your information from the listing without an order from the agency with whom the public record was created. While this may disturb some readers that information is now readily available it is important to keep in mind that this information is available as a matter of the laws of the state of Ohio and the federal government.



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Legal News Publishing Co. is introducing the new Take a sneak preview of our new revamped website.

We are introducing the new Legal News Publishing Co. website. Although the website is up and running, it is very much a work in progress. We will continue to add content, features and resources over the next several months — and we're asking you for your feedback. Please send any comments, suggestions, complaints or compliments to

Why a Preview?

Legal News Publishing Co. has provided information and services for the general public and Cuyahoga County’s legal and business communities for more than 100 years. People rely on LNP and the Daily Legal News — the designated newspaper of record for the Cuyahoga County court system and the county’s official law journal — and know how to find the information they need.

There are now new ways to get the general public information they need in more effective ways. We are excited to introduce this new website, but we realize that, for some, a new website means learning new things.

Our hope is that an early introduction to the website will provide those who are used to the old website or who have never visited it a chance to:

1. Contribute feedback and comments to improve the new website; and

2. Familiarize themselves with the new website and learn to locate, submit and find information.

How do you find information on

The new website has adopted a new approach to organize and classify information. The entire site relies on underlying information architecture. This approach enables content to be presented in flexible ways.

Below are several ways information can be found:

  • Quicklinks – At the top of every page there is a Quick Link to Sheriff’s Sales – Foreclosures and Delinquent Tax Foreclosures, and a Subscribe Today link.
  • Popular Links - The most popular links are listed on the homepage and appear on the left-hand column of every page. Under most links there are sublinks to additional information and resources. These additional pages also contain a filter allowing visitors to refine their information search.

We are delighted to be able to provide these new resources to the public through this new website. Much hard work has gone on behind the scenes, creating information pages and databases.


We want and need your feedback to make the site a useful resource for the legal and business communities — and for the general public. Visitors have the opportunity to send comments about the page directly to us at We hope you send us your thoughts — and we promise to try to make this an accessible and easy-to-use website.